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Peony, peony ... Tell me who is the most beautiful?



Founder of Pivoine Signature

The signature Pivoine universe is inspired by a fine signature.

A key word: uniqueness.

The story of “peony”, which means modesty in the language of flowers, will be delicately embroidered on iconic pieces for women.

This hymn to femininity will be delivered to you with passion in a retro, chic and shocking style highlighting the elegant period that waltzes between the 1920s and 1960s.

Pivoine signature transports you between a past with many detours and a future with possible returns.

A journey of modernity in which elegance will be wrapped around you.


Indeed, the nobility of the material and the quality of the details are privileged in each confection. Because each confection is unique, so will its history.

“My various collections will artistically reveal what you love to wear above all else.

Nothing is left to chance, because everything is a question of meeting.

It is from this moment that I call on inspiration to perfume you with its creativity.More than a style! A state of mind.


“I particularly like retro-chic and vintage, so it’s quite natural that this style has become the common thread in my creations. »


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